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C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Our C purlin roll forming machine is used to manufacture a variety of C shaped steel purlins. Its components consist of a decoiler, flattening device, hole punching device, roll forming parts, cutting device, collection table, PLC control system, and a hydraulic station. The C purlin roll former is easy to operate and can be adjusted to manufacture many different sizes of C purlins. We can also provide a Z purlin roll forming machine.

1. The C purlin roll forming machine features a sturdy welded formed steel frame.
2. This purlin roll forming equipment utilizes integrity processing technology and comes with a strong carrying ability as well as reliable performance. Its forming rollers are expertly designed to produce precise finished products.
3. Our C purlin roll forming machine undergoes high precision processing and heat treatments before chrome plating. This machine is characterized by its high forming precision and long service life.
4. Controlled by PLC, the bending machine is easy to operate, requiring very little training to operate.
5. This purlin roll forming equipment is simple to configure, produces lower noise, and has a high working efficiency.

Operation Instructions
The C purlin roll forming machine is completely PLC controlled, so only by inputting relevant production data such as product quantity, length, and punching dimensions, the worker can start the machine to produce C purlins. If the user needs to adjust the machine, they must stop the machine and then carry out the relevant operation.

Maintenance and Lubrication
The chains, wheels, bearings, speed reducer, and the rollers of the machine should all be regularly lubricated to keep them in working order.

1. Work Material: Cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, galvanized coils and general carbon steel, etc.
2. Work Material Thickness: 1.5-3mm (depending on user requirements.)
3. Forming Speed: 8-15m/min (excluding cutting and punching)
4. Main Motor Power: 5.5-18.5kW (depending on users' requirements.)
5. Hydraulic Station Power: 5.5-11kW (depending on users' requirements.)
6. Control System: PLC system from Panasonic and Siemens.
7. Optional configuration: Hydraulic decoiler
8. Adjustment mode: Manual or automatic.

Details of C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

We offer machine installation and debugging services, staff training, as well as OEM service for all of our customers.

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