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Roll Forming Machine (Machine for Producing Door Components)

This door component forming machine is used in the production of different kinds of door components, such as door panels, door frames, door tracks, rolling shutter slats, and octagonal pipes.

Operation Instructions
Controlled by PLC, the metal rolling machine is easy to operate and configure for operation. Inputting relevant production data, such as quantity, length, and punching dimensions, the worker can start the roll forming machine to produce various kinds of door components. Major component adjustment settings must be made when the machine is not operating.

Maintenance and Lubrication
The chains, wheels, bearings, speed reducer, and rollers of the door component roller must be regularly lubricated to keep the equipment in working order.

Transportation and Packaging
Our roll forming machinery adopts protective packaging and is shipped by sea.

Machine Series
1. Roll forming machine for door frames
2. Roll forming machine for door panels
3. Roll forming machine for door tracks
4. Roll forming machine for rolling shutter slats
5. Roll forming machine for octagonal pipes
6. Roll forming machine for door beams

Details of Roll Forming Machine

If you have any customization plans or you would like to know more about our roll forming machines, please contact us.

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