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Roll Forming Machine (Machine for Producing Metal Floor Decking)

This particular roll forming machine is designed and manufactured for producing metal floor deckings. Our metal floor decking forming machine is composed of a decoiler, flattening device, roll forming parts, cutting device, collection table, PLC controlled system, and a hydraulic station.

Machines Series
1. 600/690 metal floor decking interchangeable roll forming machine
2. 915 metal floor decking roll forming machine
3. 719/947/1025 metal floor decking interchangeable roll forming machine
4. 688 metal floor decking roll forming machine
5. 510/552/660/720/762 enclosed type metal floor decking interchangeable roll forming machine

1. The frame of our metal floor decking roll forming equipment is constructed using formed steel for stability.
2. The forming rollers of the floor decking forming machinery are carefully designed by our expert engineers.
3. Our floor decking manufacturing equipment undergoes high precision processing and heat treatments before chrome plating. This leads to a higher level of durability to extend the working life of the machine.
4. The rolling machine has a high degree of automation thanks to its PLC operation. Users can configure the machine without extensive training.
5. This equipment is convenient to debug, produces minimal noise, and has high efficiency.

Operation Instructions
The user can start the machine to produce metal floor decking with PLC settings. Once started, the machine is fully automatic and highly efficient.

Maintenance and Lubrication
In order to keep the rolling machine in working order, moving parts need to be regularly lubricated.

Transportation and Packaging
Our metal floor decking roll forming machine is packaged in clear wrapping and placed in a shipping container for overseas delivery.


Work material Cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, galvanized coils and general carbon steel, etc.
Work material thickness 0.8-1.5mm
Forming speed 8-15m/min
Main motor power 22kW-38kW
Hydraulic station power 3-5kW
Control system PLC system from Panasonic and Siemens
Adjustment mode Manual

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