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Roll Forming Machine (Machine for Manufacturing Ceiling Profiles)

This kind roll forming machine is used to manufacture various ceiling profile components. The ceiling profile forming machine is made up of a decoiler, roll forming parts, cutting device, collection table, PLC control system, and a hydraulic station.

Roll Forming Machines for Manufacturing Ceiling Profiles
1. Roll forming machine for C shape ceilings
2. Roll forming machine for omega shape ceilings
3. Roll forming machine for battens
4. Roll forming machine for studs and tracks
5. Quick changeover roll forming machine for ceilings
6. 4 in 1 design roll forming machine

1. This ceiling profile processing equipment is built with a sturdy form rolled steel structure that leads to its strong carrying ability and stable performance. Its forming rollers are designed by expert engineers.
2. The parts of the roll forming machine undergo high precision processing and heat treatments prior to chrome plating. This leads to better forming precision and a longer working life.
3. The ceiling forming machine is easy to operate with its automatic PLC system.
4. This ceiling profile forming equipment is convenient to debug, and features lower noise, and higher efficiency compared to similar products.

Operation Instructions
The machine, once configured to the desired settings, is fully automatic and can quickly and efficiently complete its operation.

Maintenance and Lubrication
The chains, wheels, bearings, speed reducer as well as the rollers of the roll forming machine need to be regularly lubricated to maintain a high level working condition.


Work material Cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, galvanized coils and general carbon steel, etc.
Work material thickness 0.8-1.2mm
Forming speed 8-15m/min
Main motor power 5.5kW
Hydraulic station power 3
Control system PLC system from Panasonic and Siemens
Adjustment mode Manual or automatic

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