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Roll Forming Machine (Machine for Making Roof Panels and Wall Panels)

This series of roll forming machines are used for making a full range of roof and wall panels. Our roof and wall panel forming machine folds and forms metal sheets to be used for constructing walls and roofs. These metal panel processing machines are widely used for building steel structures, large warehouses, factories, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc.

Machine Range
1. Normal speed roll forming machine for roof/wall panel
2. Corrugated sheets roll forming machine
3. High speed roll forming machines for roof/wall panel
4. Double layer roll forming machine for wall panel
5. IBR sheet roll forming machine
6. Self-lock sheet roll forming machine
7. Standing seaming panel roll forming machine
8. Trapezoid roof panel roll forming machine
Model: 900/1000/838/C8/C10/C17/C35/C60

1. The frame of the machine is made using a high strength formed structure for durability.
2. The wall panel forming machine undergoes high precision processing and heat treatments before chrome plating. So it is characterized by high forming precision and long service life.
3. The automatic PLC control system allows users to operate and make adjustments to the equipment quickly and easily.
4. This roll forming equipment features low noise and higher efficiency.

Operation Instructions
This manufacturing equipment is fully automatic with PLC control. Component adjustments must be made when the machine is not in use.

Maintenance and Lubrication
Working parts need to be regularly lubricated so as to maintain top level working condition.

Transportation and Packaging
The roof and wall panel manufacturing machine is wrapped in clear material and is shipped in containers for overseas customers.


Work material Cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, galvanized coils and general carbon steel, etc.
Work material thickness 0.3-1.2mm
Forming speed 8-15m/min
Main motor power 5.5-11kW
Hydraulic station power 5.5-11kW
Control system PLC system from Panasonic and Siemens
Adjustment mode Manual or automatic.

Details of Roll Forming Machine

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