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PU Sandwich Panel Production Line

This sandwich panel production line is an automatic factory arrangement for the manufacturing of sandwich panels with PU cores. Liquid state raw materials are continuously injected into the middle of two formed panels and then react, foam, and solidify. At this point the PU sandwich panel can be cut into desired shapes and sizes.

Work Flow for the Sandwich Panel Production Line
Coiler loading → adjustable feeding guide → steel panel forming → silver paper feeding guide → PU foaming → PU panel conveyor → non-stop cutting

Technical Parameters of Sandwich Panel Production Line
Production material (mm): (0.35-0.8)×L; Yield Strength: ≤G300 colored steel
Production speed: 4-8m/min
Production type: Continuous PLC production
PU foam thickness: 25-100mm
Composite structure: Position fixed with double rubber tracker
Foaming system: Fully automatic continuous foaming. Step-less adjustment of foam quantity.
Power of production: ≥ 22kW
Total power: ≥ 35kW
Cutting system: Pneumatic piston driving, non-stop cutting via sliding table
Electronic control system: Full-frequency PLC control system

Equipment List for PU Sandwich Panel Production Line
1. Two Sets of Decoilers

The decoilers of this sandwich panel machine are automatic and hydraulically driven (or electric). They can be used to decoil steel coils with a maximum width of 1300mm, maximum weight of 8t and maximum inner diameter of about 500mm.

2. Two Sets of Roll Forming Machines
The roll forming machines in our sandwich panel production line are used for the forming of the profiles of PU sandwich panels. They adopt welded H-beams, motor drivers, and sprocket chain drives. The forming rollers are made of #45 forged steel with a hardened chrome plated surface.

3. PU Sandwich Foaming Line
a. Two sets of steel sheet transverse cutting machines:
The hydraulic cutting machines can cut steel sheet according to dimension settings and transport the working material along the line.
b. Two sets of conveyor racks:
The up conveyor is about 25m and the down conveyor is about 15m. They lead the steel sheet from the roll forming machine to the preheating room.
c. One set of PU two-component liquid mixing and injecting section for foaming: It uses a high pressure pump with a temperature control system and material level monitoring system with two 1000L material tanks. (This section is shown in the photo.)
d. Foaming and the maturing double belt machine:
This sandwich panel production equipment includes a hydraulic pressure control system to make wall and roof panels. The length of the double belt machine is about 24m with a width of about 1.6m.
The height of the down belt is about 1.2m. The width of the pedrail board is 1.3m. The range of adjustment distance between the upper and the lower frame pedrail board ranges from 30mm to 200mm.
e. One set of heating and heat insulation system: The double belt machine is sealed by a heat insulation material. The heating system heats and blows hot air to keep the temperature in the double belt machine about 25-35℃. The temperature can be adjusted according to the practical requirements during the production process.

4. Automatic Panel Cutting System
a. The cutting machine can move 2500mm longitudinally along the sandwich panel production line through the slide way.
b. The cutting machine adopts a one-sided blade band. Band saw of the cutting machine can move transversely 1900mm.
c. Since the cutting saw can revolve, cutting in two directions is possible.
d. Pneumatic panel pressing machine within the cutting machine.
e. There is location limiter to limit the longitudinal and transverse motion of the cutting machine.

5. Electrical Control System
a. The electrical control system is made up of a touch screen, PLC, module control, and a transducer.
b. The electrical control system adopts Panasonic electronic components.
c. There is one control platform and electric trunk which operates and controls the electric motors and moving components (including hydraulic and pneumatic) in the sandwich panel production line.
d. Alarm and emergency stop system is installed to prevent any incidents.

Details of Sandwich Panel Production Line

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