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Rockwool / EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line

1. Our sandwich panel production line is used for producing sandwich panels with EPS or rock wool cores.
2. This sandwich panel production system integrates pneumatic, electric, and mechanical components to maximize efficiency and production capacity.
3. The machine is computer controlled and supports Chinese and English language settings.
4. Thanks to its infinitely variable speed control system, the sandwich panel production line has extremely stable working speed.
5. The computer control system allows the user to input the desired dimensions of the finished product. The computer system has a precise orientation system with a timed display on the touch screen. It also has automatic counting and correction functions.
6. This rock wool panel production line employs a roll forming machine for roof panel production and can produce over 5 different panel profiles.

Main Technical Parameters of Sandwich Panel Production Line
1. Speed: 4m/min (Variable frequency variable speed)
2. Dimension: Approximately 45m×3m×3m
3. Total power: 32kW, 380V/50Hz
4. Total machine weight: Approximately 18t

Construction of the Sandwich Panel Production Line

No. Equipment Quantity
1 Decoiler (passive) 2
2 Steel panel transverse cutting device, steel panel surface PVC film covering device 2
3 Roll forming machine 1
4 Heating device 1
5 Liquid glue mixing and scraping device for foaming 2
6 Mainframe-laminating press and sandwich panel agglutinating and maturing in the machine (rubber roller structure) 1
7 Automatic sandwich panel cutter-band saw 1
8 Electrical control system 2

Description of the Components of the Sandwich Panel Production Line
1. Coil Mandrel, Coil Base Frame and the Passive Decoiler

This EPS core panel machine has 6 coil mandrels with a maximum inner diameter of 500mm, outer diameter of 1300mm, width of 1300mm, and weight of 5000kg.

2. Roll Forming Machine
Dimensions can be fully set and adjusted to make custom panels.

3. One Set of Main Body of the Metal Skinned Heat-Insulation Rock Wool Sandwich Panel Production Line
Size of main body: 13000mm×2200mm (Length×Width)
Size of up and bottom steel-panel machine: 4000mm×2200mm (Length×Width)
Size of laminating machine: 6000mm×2200mm (Length×Width)
Main driven motor power: 3kW

4. Liquid Glue Mixing and Scraping Device for Foaming

5. One Set of Cutting Device
a. The cutting machine can move longitudinally along the sandwich panel production line. It is fitted with a one-sided blade band saw.
b. The band saw can move transversely.
c. Installed with a pneumatic panel pressing system.
d. There is a location limiter to limit the longitudinal and transverse motion of the cutting machine.
e. Cutting accuracy is ±2mm/1m.

6. One set of Conveyor Rack
a. Main conveyor rack: 4000mm×1210mm (Length×Width); no driven power.
b. Auxiliary conveyor rack: 2000mm×1210mm (Length×Width); no driven power.

7. Electrical Control Device
The machine is controlled by PLC and touch screen.

Factory Requirements
1. Size of workshop: 55m×10m×5m (Length×Width×Height of eaves)
2. The workshop needs to have 0.4~0.6m3×7kg/min compressor and smooth cement floor.
3. The crane needs to be able to load more than 5 tons and its travel distance must be more than 30m.
4. You need 6~8 people to operate the machine.

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