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Stainless Steel Tube Mill

I. Overview
1. Application

The BG20 stainless steel tube mill is used for the production of round tubes (φ13~φ22mm, δ0.5~1.0mm), square tubes, and special section tubes made of stainless steel.

2. Applicable Work Materials
2.1. Material: SUS302 steel strip
2.2. Thickness of steel strip: 0.3~1.2mm (GB708-88)
2.3. Width of steel strip: 22~80mm (±0.2mm)
2.4. Inner diameter of steel coil: φ350~φ450mm
2.5. Outer diameter of steel coil: φ600~φ1000mm
2.6. Maximum weight of steel strip: 1000kg

3. Sizes of Stainless Steel Tubes
3.1 Outer diameter: φ7~25mm
3.2 Wall thickness: 0.3~1.2mm
3.3 Length: 4~8m

4. Processing Flow
Raw material (steel coil)→ feeding→ shearing and butt-welding→ leveling→ forming and rolling→ Ar-arc welding→ weld grinding→ cooling→ sizing→ straightening→ fixed length cutting→ run out table

5. Rolling speed of the tube machine: 120m/min

6. Product accuracy: Outer diameter tolerance: ± 0.05mm

7. HF welder: Chinese Taiwan Red Star, 100kW

8. User Requirements (For Reference Only)
8.1 Space occupied by the stainless steel tube mill is 30m×4m (Length ×Width).
8.2 Power supply: Total power of the machine unit is 30kW.
8.3 The tube milling line needs to be equipped with an air compressor, shearing machine, and an end-welding machine. (They should be prepared by the customer.)
8.4 The customer needs to prepare lifting equipment and tools when the tube making machine arrives. The maximum weight for lifting the work piece is 5 tons.

II. Main Components of Stainless Steel Tube Mill
1. Decoiler

The decoiler employs double-side manual tension adjustment, which ensures the steel coil feeds alternatively and the steel strip goes into the accumulator freely.

The width of steel strip: 22~80mm
The thickness of steel strip: 0.3~1.2mm (±0.1mm)
Inner diameter of steel strip: φ350~φ450mm
Outer diameter of steel strip: φ600~φ1000mm
Weight of steel strip: ≤1000kg

2. Shearing and Butt-Welding Machine
Needs to be prepared by the customer.

3. Forming, Welding and Sizing Unit
3.1 Feeding into leveling device:
It has 5 rollers for leveling.

3.2 Forming device: Used for roughly mill forming the steel strip and controlling the weld seam.
Horizontal roll stand
(a). Quantity: 7
(b). Structure: #45 steel forgings, double-column dragon gates, changing rolls at side.
(c). Diameter of horizontal roll’s shaft: φ36mm; Material: 40Cr steel

Vertical roll stand
(a). Quantity: 9 (including one set of guide roll)
(b). Type: Passive rotation type
(c). Diameter of vertical roll’s shaft: φ25mm; Material: #45 steel forgings
(d). Single-screw adjustment

3.3 Welding device
(a). Guide roll of weld seam: One set
(b). Extrusion roll stand: Two sets
(c). Grinding head of outside weld seam: Two sets

3.4 Cooling device: It adopts water spray cooling.

3.5 Sizing device: This device is used to control and guarantee the precision of steel tubes after welding and grinding. It consists of 5 sets of horizontal roll stands and 5 sets of vertical roll stands.

3.6 Rough straightening rack: It comes with one pair of heads.

3.7 Transmission system: This system can respectively transmit power from the main motor to the top and bottom shaft through the speed reducer.
(a). Main motor: 90kW
(b). Power transmission: 12 sets of cardan shafts.

4. Pneumatic Tracking Cutting Saw

Cutting way Friction by circular saw blades
Cutting thickness δ0.3~1.2mm
Cutting diameter φ7~25mm
Cutting length 4~8m
Cutting tolerance ≤20mm
Cutting motor 30kW

Details of Stainless Steel Tube Mill

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