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Hydraulic Decoiler

Our hydraulic decoiler utilizes a deceleration motor to drive steel coil rotation and uncoil the steel belt. The hydraulic driving device tensions or loosens the inner bore of the steel coil. With a simple operating structure, this hydraulic decoiling machine is easy to maintain.

Parameters of Hydraulic Decoiler

Hydraulic decoiler Active uncoiling
Weight capacity of decoiler 5t
Width of steel coil (max.) 1.25m
Inner diameter of steel coil φ470-φ620mm; Outer diameter of steel coil: φ1.6m
Material of main shaft 40Cr
Motor power of decoiler 3.5kW
Hydraulic motor power 2.5kW
Decoiling speed 0-12m/min
Capacity of hydraulic station 40L
Hydraulic system pressure 6.3MPa
Pneumatic pressure 0.8Mpa
Regular working pressure ≤0.6Mpa, 1.5m3/min

Parameters of 10t Hydraulic Decoiler with Coil Car

Motor power of decoiler 5.5kW
Power of hydraulic expansion 2.2kW
Raw material Colored steel sheet, aluminum sheet
Inner diameter of coil φ508mm, φ610mm
Outer diameter of coil φ1.2m
Weight of coil 10t
Thickness of sheet 0.4~0.8mm
Width of sheet Max. 1250mm
Speed of decoiling 0~15m/min
Hydraulic system pressure for decoiling 6.3Mpa
Hydraulic oil jar lift stroke Up panel 0.65m, down panel 0.65m
Coil car stroke 2.5m
Pressure of hydraulic system 6.3MPa

Parameters of 15t Hydraulic Decoiler with Coil Car

Inner diameter of material 480~530mm
Outer diameter of coil 900mm~1.5m
Material thickness 5mm (max.)
Material width 1.5m
Material weight 20t
Voltage motor 380V/3 phase/50Hz/60Hz
Motor power 11kW
Feeding speed 0~15m/min
Forward speed of coiler car 4m/min
Coiler up/down ability 20t
Coiler car travel 250mm
Cylinder MOB-180×100
Power of reducer 3.5kW
Bearing UBC
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